Saturday, January 7, 2012

What Happened to Fall!

I know having a baby takes more of your time than you think, but I guess having 4 kids in general makes you set aside some of those things you once had time to do. So I am going with that as the reason we have taken a break from blogging. But also my stinkin computer would not let me post anything either. That is why I just barely was able to post the last one! So here is to a post wrapping up our fall events!!!
One of my little sisters just got married in August and for doing her flowers for her she treated me with an infant photo shoot from her sis-inlaw Jana. They turned out sooo cute and I couldn't have asked for a better gift. Thanks Amanda and Jana!!!!
Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch with corts brother and his family. This year we decided to make it a scout field trip as well so it was fun because my older boys love scouts and can't wait to be in there someday!!
We blessed our little Juder the first week of November. It was such a special day and we were able to have all of our family with us wich was even better. I cant believe that we blessed Gavin in that same outfit 6 years ago to almost the day.
Here they are all 4 of our "little blessings." Don't mind that our daughter looks like a groupie of a hair guitar band from the 80's.
Halloween night!
The boys decided to be ninjas/karate guys/ whatever the heck you want to call them! Malaya was a witch and we even taught her to say hehehehe as she moved her fingers. She was killing the neighbors with her witchy cuteness! And Jude was our little pumpkin.
We walked around the neighborhood and then went to the grandparents. They ended up with way more candy than we needed and some of it will probably make it to easter until we dump it out for that holidays loot!


Julie Graham said...

Emily thank you so much for posting! I can't believe how big all of your children are getting! Jude is a cutie and congrats on how much sleep you are getting, there are still many nights we don't get that many hours. I love to see pictures of your family. I didn't know Amanda got married! That is exciting. Love and Miss you, Julie :)

The Crazy Heads said...

So fun!!!! What a cute baby photo session.

Emily and Reese said...

YEAH!!! You're blogging again! Jude is a doll! I can't believe how big you're kids are! We HAVE to get together sometime this summer. I will call you the next time we are in Boise!!! Love you, and miss you! (Haha, I just read Julie's comment and we said almost exact things!)