Friday, February 25, 2011

The lady that got killed!!

I have to say that my boys drive me crazy A LOT!!! But they are also so hilarious. Just listening to their conversations is like watching that movie " Out of the Mouth of Babes"

Noah thinks he is a gamer, but he asks me 3 out of the 4 times to play the game for him so he will win. Does it really count as him winning or have I really become a DS gamer!?

Posing at the Finnish cemetary in McCall while we were at Cort's step-grandma's funeral.

Two of the biggest nerds on earth just being themselves on the ice sculptures in McCall. We don't usually make our children stand in the freezing cold without their coats. We were taking pictures as we were leaving town.
So I have to tell this story of the funeral we attended in McCall. We were sitting in the viewing waiting for the family prayer to begin. We were about the only ones with small children, and the man saying the prayer was an older gentlemen. So he began the prayer and about 2 minutes into it Noah my 3 year old says out loud, " Mom is this lady getting baptized?" I answered ," No, honey she has passed away and is in heaven" So about 1 min later he asks in the same loud voice. "Are they going to put their hands on her head" answered, " No, she has died and is in heaven". At this point I realize this is going to be one long prayer!
In his curious little mind he continues to say things like, " What happened to her legs I can't see them?" and " Dad this is a looooooong prayer!" At this point I am chuckling quietly and also hoping the prayer will end soon. At the end Cort had clocked it being 8 min. 8 Minutes that is an eternity for 3 small kids to be quiet in an enclosed room.
So after when they closed the casket Noah turns to me and says, " Mom she can't breathe!" I obviously failed at explaining that she had passed on. So I just said," Noah she is dead and does not need to breathe. She is in heaven now" Cort and I were laughing so hard at what had happened in the family prayer. Mostly because these are the kind of conversations we have with Noah all the time.
The crowning part of the day was at the luncheon when Gavin asked me if he could go back the place where the lady was killed so he could play in the snow! (that was the cemetery, because there was about 3-4 feet of snow all around)
I was dying( figuratively) with laughter that my children were so confused about death and what happens when we die. I thought we had been to enough funerals that they kinda understood. I guess I was wrong!!

She is Walking!

Malaya is finally walking! It isn't like she is a late walker but she just had little interest in it around her birthday. Then one day she decided it was better on her feet than crawling.

This is the beginning of her walking
she would just stand and kinda dance with her one leg. I think she thought she was moving but she never went anywhere!

When she got serious this is how she got around for a few days. She was like a gimpy bear!

This the real reason she decided to walk, so that she could reign over Gidget instead of the opposite. They really are pretty good friends most of the time.

Now she is a pro and goes all over the place. I can't believe she is walking she is still so tiny!
P.S. I have to give my daughters hair a disclaimer: Regardless of what her father thinks it does get done everyday! When she lays down for her nap the first thing she does is rip out the bow and then the elastic with a chunck of hair. But then she takes it even farther and does whatever she needs to to destroy the bow so it won't have to go back in her hair. Little does she know her mother is a master with the hot glue gun!!!